Breads and a whole lot more!


There is nothing quite as delicious as a freshly baked loaf of artisan bread to enhance any table. Our wide variety of breads is rich and vibrant, flavoursome and healthy, made daily by hand using stoneground flours, no GMO ingredients and no chemical additives.

  • Ciabatta – loaves and rolls made with white or brown flour

  • Ciabatta studded  with sundried tomatoes or olives

  • Whole-wheat loaves and rolls

  • Pecan nut and raisin bread

  • Kitke / Challah

  • Seeded 100% rye bread

  • 70% rye bread and rolls

  • Caramelised onion sticks

  • Sourdough seeded cheese sticks

  • Ouma white bread

  • Muffins – sweet and savoury

  • Scones

Special dietary breads are made to order ie: Gluten free – Banting - Diabetic